Saturday, July 13, 2013

We Go And See Roman Things

Did I really climb this?
Today we went to a palace that had been turned into residence that had been built for the Roman emperor Diocletian who ruled for 26 years.

We saw two people dressed up as Roman legionaries.

We went up the bell tower. It was really difficult to climb the bell tower because the steps were really large and steep. It was a fair bit of a hike to get to the top. It was worth the climb because there was a great view and you could see the whole town.

After the bell tower we went to the cathedral but it was really small.

We went to the cathedral's crypt which was nice and cold. It wasn't very interesting but there was a well full of cash.

Even Lucy made it.
The view made it worthwhile.
When we got out of the crypt we sat down and had a drink of water. Meanwhile the man who was letting people into the crypt caught a small lizard and gave it to me to hold. It was a type of lizard which could regrow its tail. The lizard was fine but a little bit of the tail was gone but the tail will grow back.

No lizards were hurt in the
making of this picture
After we saw some under ground tunnels which was basically a mini tourist market.

When we had finished looking at the palace we walked around a bit and found a place called Chop's Grill and I had some chicken fingers. What was funny was that under the title of the dish in the menu it said better then McDonalds... it was the funniest thing I heard that day.

Then we went to the apartment and had a break and then we went out for ice-cream.


  1. Pretty impressive that you all climbed up that tower. Sweet lizard too