Saturday, July 20, 2013

Going to Perast And Seeing Kotor

Yesterday we packed up our things and caught a two-hour bus to Perast. I mainly just sat around on the bus and didn't do much.

After we got off the bus the guy who owned the apartment drove us there.

The destroyer
We put our bags in the apartment and drove us to a small nearby town called Kotor where the buildings are made out of white stone. There we had lunch.

After lunch we walked to the maritime museum of Kotor and saw some model ships and weapons.

Then we walked around Kotor for a bit and did some shopping and caught a bus home. While we were walking around we saw a giant clothes line with giant clothes.

No idea what this was about
We went out to dinner when we got home at a nice little outdoor restaurant overlooking the bay and I had stuffed squid tentacles with smoked ham and cheese. The atmosphere was pleasant, it was nice and cool. There were swallows flying around in the sky. Out of a window of a house overlooking the restaurant we saw a little terrier looking out at the view.

Then when we got home I had a bath in a mega bath tub with jets and flashing colour changing lights.

A great view of Perast and the Bay of Kotor
All that was missing was a cocktail or a bottle of beer.

'I'm hungry.'

'See any mosquitoes?'

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  1. Like the photograph of you with Lucy and your mother. I have to say that I am quite pleased that squid tentacles stuffed with smoked ham are not in the frame though.