Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fortifications And An Old House

The day before yesterday we walked to Dubrovnik's fortifications and walked along them and got some great views of the harbour and the town. There were a few cannons and I sat on one and pretended to fire it.

When we had finished looking at the fortifications we went to a small maritime museum. They mainly had model ships, portraits of ship captains, and navigation instruments.

After we saw the maritime museum we went to a small nearby café and had some lemonade.
A handy rail

Next we went to the Rector's palace and I saw two interesting things. The first one was that on one of the hand rails on the stairs leading to the top floor the parts holding the bar were carved stone hands. The second was some chests for holding money which had snake shaped metal parts in complicated locking mechanisms.

I told you so
Next we went to a cathedral which had a room filled with leg bones, arm bones, shoulder bones, and skulls in cases shaped like the body parts they were holding. It was really creepy. One box had (supposedly) Jesus's diaper. I am not making this up.

The holy diaper
After a brief lunch we went to the house of a famous Croatian playwright which I thought wasn't very interesting at all.

Just before we went home we went and saw a monastery with a cloister. In the cloister were a few butterflies.

Later I went with my mum to the beach and swam about a bit. It wasn't that much fun because the sea was freezing cold.

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