Monday, July 8, 2013

Lots Of Walking

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Today we went walking around some familiar parts and some new parts of Venice.

Then we took a vaporetto to an island called the Giudecca and we looked around there for a bit and we went to a church called Redentor and then we had lunch. Then we went to go see another church on San Giorgio Maggiore, and then we went to a café.

After that we took a vaporetto to the Piazza San Marco and my dad and I went to see a Manet art exhibition in the Doge's palace. There weren't many pictures but there were some good ones such as one picture called the bullfight.

Finally we took a vaporetto to our apartment.

In the evening we went out to dinner at a restaurant I had a nice big hot juicy mouth watering slice of pizza. The pizza was delicious and I liked it a lot. The pizza had to be carried on a trolly because it was so big.

After dinner we went to the Alaska gelato place and I had a mint flavoured ice cream.
The mint was a bit stronger then I was used to but it was still okay.

When we finished the ice cream we went to the grand canal and I saw some churches that looked much different then the ones we saw earlier because it was made out of brick and much smaller. We looked at the canal for a while and then we went back home.


  1. Walking around Venice in the sun sounds like a fine day to me - so long as there is regular ice cream of course. How much longer do you have in Venice? We went to St Giorgio when we were there 6 years ago, I'm sure I have a very similar photograph to yours. Here in Blockley we have had a disaster today. A friend brought his dog and the dog attacked the tortoise. I think he thought it was a bone. So now poor tortoise has a chewed shell! He seems to be OK, walking around, and accepted a small strawberry, but not so beautiful as before.

  2. caption suggestion: 'No actual fish was hurt in the making of this photograph'