Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Grand Day Out

Today we went to the middle floor of the hotel and had a nice big American buffet breakfast I had a boiled egg, some bacon, a few small sausage pieces, a few small cakes, and some home made apple pie.

We went back to our room and got ready for a trip to the beach. We took two buses to get there.

On the second bus we didn't get any seats and a rude old lady insisted on putting her folded up beach umbrella behind where we were standing. We argued with her and did our crossest looks and she went off.

One person shoved their chest into me. Just my rotten luck.

Finally we reached the beach. We sat on the board walk and I had a mega chocolate milkshake. After that I felt like I had gone to K.F.C. and eaten one of the mega burgers plus a large plate of fries with extra salt and ketchup. 

First I dug a hole with my M&M beaker (which I got for free back in Amersfoort when I went to see Despicable Me 2) to put my feet in.

I got tired of that eventually and tried building a sand castle with my M&M beaker instead but it toppled over so I tried using sand which wasn't as wet but that toppled over, too, so I quit making sand castles.

I decided to go swimming for a bit. I saw a few fish with orange stripes. The fish were about as big as a small Snickers bar [Marathon bar to older Europeans. Ed.]. Also there were some tiny little lizard things that were sand coloured and seemed to teleport whenever you tried to catch one. I think they lived in tiny holes that I saw in the shallow areas on the sandy ocean floor. Also there were small forests of thin slippery weeds. I think that's what the striped fish feed on.  

After a little while I took my beaker and went treasure-hunting for shells and that sort of thing. 

This is Hermit Ville II
At one point I saw one of the shells moving. It turned out to be a hermit crab. I put him back in the water and went swimming a little more, then I decided to make Hermit Ville II (see posts in Los Roques from last year).

I filled the beaker with sea water and a few grains of sand. Soon the bucket was nearly full and the crabs were having an every crab for himself fist fight (or should I say claw fight).

Then we went to the boardwalk and had lunch. We shared fries, fried calamari, fried anchovies, and a salad. I had orange juice and water to drink. The fried things were cooked perfectly and the salad was nice and fresh.

We stayed a bit longer. I built Hermit Ville III and Hermit Ville IV right next to each other. Some crabs got transferred from one settlement to another and the fight was even harder in the III and IV settlements than in the second one. 

Hermit Ville III (left) and IV (right)
Unfortunately all the settlements fell to ruin and it was as important history as the fall of the Roman Empire or the invention of lemon-scented paper napkins.

The second one fell because I had to have lunch. The third one fell because we had to go home and the fourth one fell because of a rather forceful tiny wave.


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