Monday, July 22, 2013

A Church Island Trip

Two days ago we woke up early and got a five-minute-long boat ride in a small white boat to a man-made island with a church on it. The church was small and it had baby-blue-coloured tower tops.

We couldn't go into the nave because there was a service. 

While were waiting we had a look at the exterior of the church and heard the bells ring.

I looked off the island and saw some small fish which swam in big groups called schools. There were some bigger fish as long as a ketchup bottle with the lid off that swam in twos or threes. Also I saw a stone table with the legs made of carved stone figures holding up the table with their backs and their mouths cupped in a sort of oval shape.

After a while we were able to go in the nave. Unfortunately we ended up having more bad luck. There were two big tour groups so it was hard to enjoy it with the tour groups pushing and shoving.

There were lots of faded pictures of people reading books.

Afterwards we caught the boat back to the mainland.

I'm so scared.
When we got back to the mainland we walked around a bit and went to a small museum which had some naval weapons. The most interesting thing in there was a sword which was all wavy and looked like it was for ceremonial purposes instead of for fighting. It had some crazy name like the blazing fire sword of doom.

We went back home after that and had a cold drink.

Later we went out and climbed a bell tower.

While we were buying the tickets a lady said to us, 'Please don't ring the bells.' I thought that was a bit funny because wouldn't ringing them lose me ten good years of hearing or more?

In the tower there were a lot of bird droppings.

After looking in the tower we went out for dinner.
Don't look down.



  1. Ha Ha, great photo but you do not look as strong as the other (stone) guts supporting that table. I like the pretty church though. We could do something with that. We have had massive thunder storms here today. Make the most of the sunshine while you can.

  2. sorry I meant guys not guts !!