Monday, July 15, 2013

Going To Trogir

Yesterday we went to the bus station to see if we could get a bus to Trogir, a small old town reached by a bridge with narrow streets of houses made from white limestone. 

The fort at Trogir
We found out that the there weren't any seats available for an hour. So we went to the local bus station and caught a local bus there instead.

The bus ride took a long time and it was quite boring.

When we got to Trogir we walked around a bit and looked at an old run down fortress and climbed the highest tower and got a great view of the town.

When we were done looking at the fortress we went to a small restaurant and had pizza for lunch. The pizza was a little bit salty but it was ok. 

Then we went to the bus station and and caught a bus home after walking around a bit. 

When we got off the bus we went and had ice cream. 

We went back home after the ice cream and had a rest.

Later in the evening we went out for a stroll and had a small pasta dinner, in a friendly restaurant in a small square with someone around the corner playing guitar atrociously.  

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