Monday, July 9, 2012

We Leave Curaçao and Arrive in Aruba

Today we woke up earlier to have breakfast. We drove to the airport and returned the little blue car. Once again the pesky airline had made the flight late. They made us stand in the heat for 20 minutes because they forgot to put the crew on board first. Eventually the plane took off. The flight to lasted 20 minutes. We were going to Aruba, another small island.

At the airport we got a rental car and drove to our private house. Aruba looked a bit like Curaçao in landscape but a lot different in houses. The people who owned the house were there to meet us. We went out to have lunch after we put our suitcases inside. For lunch we had fish and salad. Then we went to a big supermarket called Super Foods and shopped for bread, ham, cheese, and fruit. On the way back to the house we went to look at the beaches, which were big and sandy with clear turquoise water. There were lots of boats and people swimming.

After that we stayed in for the rest of the day.

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  1. All this traveling sounds exhausting. Glad you will be back on the beach tomorrow