Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Second Day In Curaçao

Yesterday evening Daddy was too busy gibbering [I was in a meeting with Hyatt staff—Ed] and so we went to dinner late and there was no time for blogging.

Compare the teeth of prehistoric monsters to the teeth
of the living.
I started the day with a big breakfast. There was a giant buffet. For breakfast I had scrambled eggs, small sausages with pork, bacon, and cake. After breakfast we went back to our room to pick up some water and other things. Then we headed out to the car and drove to the capital city called Willemstad. We went to go and see a museum about the slave trade called the Kura Hulanda. They had model ships and uniforms, and lots of things used for torturing slaves. There were also lots of big masks, musical instruments, and other things from Africa. There were also human and dinosaur skulls. I went and stood by one and showed my teeth.

After that we went to a synagogue where they they made us wear small black hats called called skullcaps. For lunch we had french fries dipped in peanut butter like they eat them in the Netherlands, except I had mayonnaise. It was tasty but unhealthy. Then when we went back to the hotel and went to the swimming pool.

The hotel is called the Hyatt Regency. Our room is big and the beds are big and cosy. There's lots of space to put everything. We have a balcony with a view of the ocean and other parts of the hotel.


  1. I like the picture of you and Lucy in the museum. Great teeth.

  2. Thank you for your comment. You have great teeth, too.

    I have just come back from dinner at a place called Larry's. There was no lobster.

  3. Those teeth are definitely scarier than the prehistoric ones .... having been bitten by them.
    Missing you all.

  4. No no, the lobster is called Monsieur Thermadore