Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Last Day in Bogotá

Today we went to a more modern area of Bogotá called the Zona Rosa. We went to have a snack called chocolate con churros. It's a deep-fried doughnut with chocolate sauce on the top. It was delicious.

We went to look in a few shops, then we went to a Cuban restaurant for lunch. Outside one of the shopping malls there was a bunch of umbrellas suspended by invisible string. They looked a bit like dandelion seeds. One of the best things I saw in the shops was a Lego notebook. The cover had a piece of Lego on it so that you could put a mini-figure on top of it. It also came with stickers for customising the figure.

We took the bus for four stops to go home.


  1. More yummy cake. You are being spoiled. I am really enjoying reading all about your holiday. We are having an unusually wet summer here so we are envious of your sunshine.

  2. Yes, I agree. I have still got more to come on August the 22nd. I am very sorry about the weather. Why don't you come and join us here?

  3. I really wish we could come and join you, we are sad not to see you all this year. Yes of course, you will still be away on your birthday, do you know which country you will be in by then?

  4. I will be back home for my birthday but I really wish I could spend it with you in Blockley.