Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Last Day In Curaçao

Today we went out for a drive in the car, as usual. We went to the other end of the island. We stopped at a museum about how people used to live called Landhuis Savonet. It was a big old yellow house that used to be owned by the plantation owner. They had bits of broken pottery from the age of Indian ceramics, and a whole urn that had been pieced together. There were straw hats in the middle of being made, and all sorts of different old things.

Out at the back, Daddy went to take a picture of the view, but his hat blew off. We went down the steps and I went through the brambles to get the hat. We went for a walk on paths through the thick undergrowth and there were different types of birds singing in the trees, and loads and loads of lizards. It was probably lizard paradise.

We drove to have lunch. They didn't have menus at the restaurant. Instead the boss came over and told you the entire menu. I had grouper and rice. Also I decided to try a bit of iguana. The iguana tasted like chicken except it was a lot more chewy. A few people came with guitars and a metal instrument which looked like the surface of a can except that it was a lot longer, played by rubbing a spoon up and down the rough edges. It made a pleasant clanking sound.

They also had free ice-cream sandwiches. It was delicious.

After lunch we went to another landhuis called Knip. It had all sorts of different things about the history of Curaçao including dolls, medicine, and instruments. I was worried that the stairs were so steep that eventually someone would break a leg and the whole place would close down.

I'm sitting on a swimming pool deckchair writing this. Next we'll have dinner and tomorrow we leave for Aruba. And the worst part is we have to fly with that pesky airline called Dutch Antilles Express again, and it's not going to be pleasant.


  1. I would like to see lizard paradise, but would NOT eat one.

  2. Thanks for letting me know where "lizard paradise" is, Andre. I've been wondering about that...And thanks for trying iguana and describing what it tastes like. Do you think I should try it if I get the chance?

  3. You're very welcome in both cases. I recommend trying iguana although it might be hard to get a chance.

  4. OK, thanks for telling me. Just try not to step on the poor little guys.