Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Day of Feeding Animals

Oy! Don't be a hog.
Yesterday I woke up and had breakfast. After that we went to Curaçao Ostrich Farm. There I fed ostriches and stood on an ostrich egg. It didn't even crack. After that we went to an aquarium. We saw sharks and dolphins, we fed turtles, a pelican, and flamingoes, and we saw lots of different fish. So basically I had a fun day feeding animals.

For dinner we went to a restaurant called Larry's. I said, 'The chips taste like construction paper.'


  1. Great picture. We have two ostrich eggs that my great grandfather brought back from Australia more than a hundred years ago. They have still not broken.

  2. To squash those eggs you would have to put something of 200lbs weight on them.

    [Ostriches are from Africa. Are you sure your eggs are from Australia? Ed.]

  3. Dear Ed, Yes he was Ostrich farming having failed to find gold. We have boomerangs too, and his diaries from that time. He met the woman who was to be my great grandmother on the ship home. Incidentally compared to that journey, a few hours waiting in a comfortable airport would be a doddle. Count your blessings