Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Last Day in Cartagena

A view of the theatre
Today we went to see an old theatre; pretty small as theatres go. There were big cushiony red seats and a marble staircase leading up to the circle. Lucy and I did some performances on the stage since it was all empty.

Me and a toucan
Let the match begin!
We went for a snack at a café in a hotel which used to be a convent and there was a giant courtyard in the middle with statues, plants, and a well. There's a type of plant which grows wild here called mimosa which when you give it a good poke all the leaves fold up. I found some in the courtyard that also folded but did it very slowly. In the café there were two toucans. They looked a little different than the ones I saw in Brazil and Argentina a few years back. They flew round, hung on the chandeliers, and stole food from people's plates. One landed on the back of my sister's chair and my chair. I saw one of them wrestling a stuffed toy toucan.

I had a pain au chocolat and a lemonade. This is the last day in Cartagena and in the evening we went up on the roof terrace and watched the sun set over the city.


  1. You and Lucy must be exhausted. What an exciting trip.

  2. Is the mimosa like a Venus flytrap?

  3. Sorry we missed you two improvising in the theatre, that would have been very funny. I hope daddy was video-ing you. It sounds very unusual having toucans loose in the cafe. I hope they have been trained to use the bathroom?