Monday, July 30, 2012

Back to Cartagena for One Night

Yesterday we left Mompox and went back to Cartagena in a four-seater pick-up truck. The driver wasn't Señor Henry like last time but a different person called Señor Roberto. This time we took the short way not the long way. We drove for a while then drove on to a car ferry which went down the river for about an hour and we couldn't get out of the car. At the end we had to do a U-turn on the ferry. Our car was facing the wrong way so we had to do a U-turn around the front of the boat and drive down the other side.

We were driving for a little while but then there was a big hold-up. A blue lorry had skidded off the road and had shed its load—one of those metal containers that they use for transport overseas, and it had landed right in the other lane. So they had to call a purple lorry and three tow trucks (one at the back and two on the sides) had to lift up the container with heavy chains and place it exactly lined up with the purple lorry. We didn't reach Cartagena until very late.

For dinner we had fish and chips. It felt weird having the fries with no dip for a change since I usually put tartar sauce on my fries which some people might think is disgusting. [Local perch breaded and sea bass aux fines herbes—not your average 'fish and chips'. Ed.]

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  1. Yikes, that sounds like a LONG journey. All part of traveling I suppose. At least you got a good dinner at the end. You should carry some little sachets of tartare sauce in your pocket. Be prepared!