Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Two Days of Pyramids

The before day yesterday we picked up a rental car early and drove to Cobá. When we got there I climbed a very large pyramid. It felt like it took years to climb but it was worth it. When I got to the top I felt like I was on top of the world. As far as the eye could see there were trees. We saw another part of the site and it looked tiny compared to where we were. The descent was bit scary because the distance down looked much taller when I was heading down than when I was going up.

After I had come down I had a snack.

As we were walking back we saw a bird had made a nest in a very low tree and a fat little chick was loudly crying out as if to say, 'Feed me.' Later as we were walking back towards the exit we saw two bikers suddenly halt to let an orange snake with black stripes that looked venomous pass. The snake paid them no attention and slithered off into the bushes.

Next we drove to the town of Valladolid to eat lunch in a restaurant that was in a courtyard of a mansion. Then we went to look in a ferreteria (ironmonger, not a place where you buy ferrets) for a juicer but we didn't find one. Next we drove to a hotel in Chichén-Itzá. We went to a convenience store called Oxxo to get some sandwiches. While we were eating rain started coming down in buckets. ['Buckets'
Feed me! Feed me!

The world's strongest person. [I knew I should never have let him watch 'Despicable Me'. Ed]

He shoots! He scores!

Mayan noughts and crosses? X cheated and still lost.
doesn't even begin to describe it. It was coming down in swimming pools. Ed.] Dad offered to run back to the hotel to get the car. He came back with it and we got home. Our room was gloomy with one bed one bathroom. Also to make things gloomier a tiny part of the ceiling started to leak.

Yesterday we got up and had breakfast very early and drove to Chichen-Itzá. When we got in the place was like a ghost town. The main pyramid was huge and made in layers like a cubed wedding cake. Also there was the biggest ball court with a small building at the end. I said maybe the Mayans used it as the press box for ball games. After around two hours vendors came out and started to try to sell us little souvenirs and other bits of junk. Then a lot of tour buses started to arrive.

We drove to Merida and had lunch in another courtyard restaurant. Next we found a juicer and we also got an electric tennis bat to kill bugs with. We also saw some cool D.I.Y. solar-powered robots in the electric tennis bat shop. Next we drove to our hotel which was much better than our last one. It had nice comfy beds, AC, and a patio. I shared a chicken sandwich with my sister in the restaurant for dinner and then we went to bed.


  1. You will remember these trips forever. My parents took me aged 7, as far as I can recall, I spent the whole day trying to count the steps up the temples, losing count halfway and repeating the exercise. Will you be going to Tikal in Guatemala?

    1. I don't know if I'll be going to Guatemala but I'll certainly remember this great trip forever. By the way, how's Monty?

  2. Great blog, Andre. Nice pyramid, cool skulls and the bonus snake. Shame about the juicer. You guys are eating a lot of sandwiches. Isn't there good rice in the Yucatan?
    Best regards, N the K in HK.

    1. Eventually we found a very robust juicer which was painted green. I haven't tried very much of the rice but the bit I have tried was very nice. We just keep eating sandwiches because they are easy to make. [And (noises off) Mummy's on holiday, too. Ed.]

  3. I'm enjoying your blog very much. We miss you and hope to see you soon. You should have your parents put that elusive juicer on their Christmas list. Will Lucy be making any contributions to the blog at all?

    1. No, I don't think so. Send love to Popo and Gonggong for me. [How are the tomatoes, the balcony plants, and the two pots at the front doing in the heatwave? And I forgot Chomp the Venus fly trap in Lucy's room. Needs to be sitting in dechlorinated water like the kitchen plant. There's some in an orange container in Lucy's bathroom. Ed]