Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lizardmania and Two Cenotes

Yesterday we picked up our rented car and drove to see some ancient Mayan ruins at Tulum. We had to walk along a dusty road to the area where we bought our tickets and we saw a kitty that was stretched out and sleeping near the edge.

Everything was made of light grey stone and there were many large lizards. The lizards liked to eat small white fruit that fell off the nearby trees.

We stayed for a bit and then we drove into town to find some lunch. I had chicken with chocolate sauce and some lemonade at a small restaurant. The chocolate sauce didn't taste like chocolate though, it just tasted spicy and wasn't very nice.

Next we drove to a cenote but found we didn't have money to pay for the entrance fee. Then we went to another cenote but it wasn't quite what we were looking for which was just some snorkeling in a cenote with no guide. Eventually we went back to town to exchange some money and went back to the first place.

Once we got in the cenote it was breathtaking but it took a little while to get fully in because the water was very chilly. After moving around a bit everything started to warm up. The cenote was amazing from underwater. It was like a small beach had been put into a cave and submerged. The fish were were gray with yellow tails and ranged from small to medium.

We went to another cenote afterwards on the same site that had columns of rocks jutting out of the ceiling and ground. The fish were the same but the grey fish also came in a large size as well. Also there was a large brown fish about a foot long that was swimming around by the rocks with small fins and brown and white stripes.

After that we drove back to Playa and returned the car. In the evening we went out to a restaurant which made very good pizza. We also got free dessert which was a very delicious tiramisu and some cheese cake which was also very nice.      

[Internet slow this morning. Pictures to follow. Ed.]      


  1. Hey, Andre!
    Good blogging.
    Were the cenotes you went to cool inside when it was warm outside? Was the water really, really clear? And did Dad swim?
    We went to Uxmal and saw some good Mayan ruins. Also a couple of other sites but I have forgotten their names. Did you get to climb any pyramids yet?
    Get Dad and Mum to take you to the big market in Merida. Lots of things you don't see at home. And some good hat stalls where he can get a new Panama hat [why are they callled Panama hats, I wonder] and some hats for you, Lucy and your Mum.
    Have a really good holiday, eat lots of helados and drink lots of exotic and yummy jugos [some terrific helados and old-fashioned jugos parlours everywhere you go] and please keep blogging for us all to see.
    Best regards,
    Uncle Nigel [the Kat] in Hong Kong.

  2. It was warm outside and cold in the cenotes. Dad swam, and yes the water was crystal clear. I haven't climbed any pyramids yet but we are going to one at Cobá. Thanks for the advice about the market maybe they'll sell juicing machines there because we can't find any here that aren't overpriced. Also no one needs to tell me twice about ice-cream and jugos. I'm having as many of these as my parents will let me (pretty much just one a week). [The fact checker on this blog wishes it to be known that, against his better judgement, it's actually about one a day.]

    1. If you get lots of jugos you won't need to keep up this fruitless quest [pun] for a juicing machine. There are loads of different varieties you can get in those amazing jugo parlours and you can tell Dad it's a cultural experience. Daily is a bare, bare minimum.
      Best regards,

      Unvle Nigel [El Gato] in Hong Kong.

    2. Ok thanks. We wanted a juicer to use at our house though so we could juice our fruit more effectively though. Also when I try to argue with dad nothing good ever comes out of it.

  3. Hi Andre,

    I agree with you about the mole (chocolate sauce). It's not one of my favourites, but there are different kinds and some are better than others. I also think the helados (ice cream) and juices are the best, and I also like the aguas. I especially like horchata (rice milk with cinnamon and sugar) and coconut horchatas.

    The large lizards are iguanas, and you can sometimes spot them in trees, which they like to climb. Some people eat them. I've seen lots of them in Tulum. I also really like the beach below Tulum.

    Enjoy the beaches and the ruins, and say hello to Lucy and your mom and dad.

    Sr. Hanington

    1. Thanks for the advice there only seems to be two main ice-cream chains though, Aldo's and Haagen-Dazs.