Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Dwarf Magician's Pyramid

Yesterday we got up early and we went to the ancient Mayan site at Uxmal. It was empty.

We saw a pyramid that was supposed to belong to a dwarf magician. It was really big, slightly rounded, and had a big hole in the middle. Also there were some buildings that had swallows living in them. Swallows were flying everywhere. The building entrances were sealed off by mesh doors and the swallows had to fly in at very precise angles to get into the buildings through places where the fittings had come loose.

Also, no vendors, which was a relief.

We got in our car and started to drive back to Playa Del Carmen. On the way we saw a bunch of vultures circling. We stopped in a small town for lunch. I had a sort of pancake that was made out of chicken breaded and deep-fried. We drove for a long while and then stopped to get creamsicles at an Oxxo. Once we got back to Playa it was very late so we had dinner in.

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