Sunday, July 13, 2014

Birds, Lizards, and Strange Little Rodent-like Creatures

Today in the morning we went to an aviary. The aviary had mainly open areas and one walk-through cage. We saw some macaws, spoonbills, and lots of other varieties we could not name. Also there were lots of large lizards with scaly, tough-looking skin and small ones that were not bigger than carrot sticks. They were so still that it was sometimes very hard to see them. Along the way we kept seeing creatures about as big as a chihuahua with tan skin and rat-like heads.

The cage we went into had some very weird birds. Some were really big and had little colored spots behind their eyes. Also there was a little one about the size of a chicken with spindly legs, a thinner body, less feathers, and a smaller head. It kept making a sort of moaning noise and after ignoring it a bit it started making a sad-sounding noise like it was upset. Then it pecked my dad and flew off.

Name that rodent
After we left the aviary we went home and went out later for some very nice sea food and watched the finals of the World Cup. We had some very nice cooked octopus for starters which was cooked so it was soft and not at all rubbery. Then we had a plate of grilled sea food that consisted of fish, lobster, giant prawns, and octopus. It was very well grilled and had a lot of flavour. For dessert I had a very nice crème brûlée. It was very nice. The top was crunchy and the inside was soft and warm.


Who's a pretty birdie?


  1. We love the pink flamingoes. Thank you for the blog and the pictures. Is the rodent a coypu [coype?]?
    Kit Angel (anag.)

    1. You're welcome. Thanks for reading. The rodent-like things are called agoutis. I think they'd make good pets. [Probably play hell with the skirting boards. Ed]