Friday, August 17, 2012

The Last Post (For Now)

Last Friday a big white car took us from the Hotel Tryp to Panama City's international airport. We took a four-hours-and-a-bit flight to Houston, waited around in Houston for a bit, and had dinner at the same restaurant in which we had dinner when we stopped in Houston last time. We got back to Vancouver at about 1.30am because the flight was delayed. When we got to our house we went straight to bed.

The rest of this post is pictures and a video of some of the best moments of this holiday.

This is a video of the take-off from Caracas to fly to Los Roques in a very small plane called an Islander. You could see the pilot flying the plane.

This is me having fun relaxing on the nice warm sand on some island in Los Roques while I have my body buried by my sister, Lucy.

I picked this starfish up from sea floor near one of the islands in Los Roques. It felt very sticky on the bottom. I liked diving down for it. That was fun.

This is Hermitville, a small temporary overcrowded town of hermit crabs. I made it on the last day we were in Los Roques. The island we went to was full of little hermit crabs. They're so light that they keep getting blown over by the wind.
At Willemstad in Curaçao we visited the Kura Holanda Museum and saw this skeleton which was missing its arms. That's why I liked it.

I like this room in the museum because it had a lot of extinct animals and rifles and animal-shaped furniture.

This is the aquarium in Curaçao in which I had lots of fun looking at lots of weird and interesting fish. I also fed flamingoes, turtles, and a pelican.

One of the best things in Curaçao was the Ostrich Farm. I got feed two ostriches and there were also some crocodiles and small turtles. Most of the small turtles got eaten by the crocodiles because they were put in the same pool, except for one who gets treated as a crocodile.

My favourite thing about Aruba was the butterfly farm which has lots of foreign butterflies and a few moths. They even teach you how to get a butterfly onto your hand by rubbing fruit juice on your fingers. 

This was my favourite thing in The Gold Museum in Bogotá. I liked it because the birds look like they have platypus noses.

This was a shopping mall in Bogotá at which we went to look. I liked the decoration because it looked like dandelion seeds.
At the fort in Cartagena I liked sitting on the cannons looking at the view of the town below.
In the café at the Sofitel in Cartagena there are two toucans. One of them stole some melon. I'm giving this one a stare down.

Sometimes in Cartagena we'd go walking on the fortifications in the evenings.
This was the big train that we took back from Colón to Panama City.


  1. Wow, that was a great holiday with your family. If I could choose from your report which places to visit myself it would be Los Roques for sandy beaches and warm shallow seas with beautiful fish and the little house with fire flies and lizards in Panama. Although I would also like to see a cafe with loose toucans and an ostrich farm. I hope you are enjoying being back home. Thank you for sharing the journey with us.

  2. Auntie Wendy: Check next year for more travel posts. Also, you're very welcome. Thank you for reading my blog.