Thursday, August 8, 2013

Good-bye Blockley (Boo-Hoo) And Hello London

The front of the Fortress of Blockley
The day before yesterday Auntie Wendy drove us to Morton-In-Marsh and we got a train to Paddington Station in London.

After the train ride we got the Tube a few stops and then we had to change to a different train because something was being done to the tunnel involving a lot of wires.

We had to go do some shopping because Uncle Stuart, Auntie Wendy, Helen, and a few other people were coming over for a get together. 

We ordered pizza except it was rectangular pizza.We had 12 people over. The pizzas took up the whole table. Not all the pizza got eaten.


  1. Hi Andre, we are missing you already. I hope you have had a good time in London and an easy journey home tomorrow. Tortoise was out on the lawn today and his 'basket-house' still has you notice on in, reminding us of the two of you. That was a serious amount of pizza in London. Yummy though. Do keep in touch and we look forward to your next visit to Blockley. W xx

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  3. [We ate pizza for the next two nights and still had to throw some away. Ed.]