Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Day Of Eating And Not Doing Much

Today [a few days ago--we don't quite remember] we didn't do much we only went out for lunch and I had fish and chips.

When we got back Lucy and I a good idea. We knew Auntie Wendy had a photo copy machine and a Monopoly set so we got lots of the 500 bills and photos copied them we got rich in just a few minutes.

Later I made a huge jar of André's home-made lemonade.

OK OK: I'll give you the recipe. Get two cups and put the kettle on. While the water is boiling squeeze the lemons and make some ice cubes. Then when the water has boiled put the water into the empty cup. While the water is still hot put the sugar in and mix in the lemon juice. Then wait for the lemonade to cool down and add fresh mint leaves.

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  1. The lemonade was good. And also cooking chicken on the fire. We miss having you here to encourage our experimental moments