Friday, August 2, 2013

A Long Day In London

Yesterday we drove to Morton-In-Marsh and left our car in a Budgens car park and walked to a train station and got a train to London.

We got off at Paddington Station and I had my picture with the statue of Paddington Bear.
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Then we got a tube train to South Kensington and walked to the Natural History Museum (the best museum in London besides the Science Museum)

First we went to go see an area where you could touch shell, skins, bones, and horns. I even picked up two moose antlers.

Afterwards we saw the dinosaurs. There were so many different types from commonly known ones to the absolutely obscure.

I saw a Triceratops. A Triceratops is a herbivore which means it eats plants. It has three horns, two near the top of its head one near the bottom.

Another one of my favourites is one I don't remember the name of, but it has a club-like part on the end of its tail and heavy plating on its back like plate armour on a knight: except ten times thicker and stronger.

One other one I saw was a giant plant-eating dinosaur with a very long neck which almost went up to the roof of the exhibition room.

Also there were some robot dinosaurs. There were two little ones that hunted in packs and killed things much bigger than themselves.

The best one was a mega colossal T. Rex: the king of all the dinosaurs. By the way did you know that the T. Rex had such short arms it couldn't reach it's mouth? Therefore he couldn't brush his
teeth (no wonder they were always yellow). The colossal robot had a room to himself with a sandy floor. On the floor there were some large foot prints, plastic ferns, and a plastic alligator in a fake lake. There were also coloured spotlights on him.

He moved his head around, roared loudly and shook his tail.

The best model I liked was a little dinosaur nest with some dinosaurs' eggs. In it there were a few dinosaurs which were out of their eggs. Did you know some dinosaurs only lived for a few seconds because almost as soon as they were born the apocalypse of the dinosaurs happened?

Those may have grown up to be ferocious and carnivorous but I thought they were sweet.

Dentist says, 'Uh-oh!'
Afterwards my Dad, me, Auntie Wendy, Helen, and Auntie Jacqueline got a tube ride to Piccadilly. On the way I saw different old tube maps made out of LEGO bricks which really interested me because LEGO is one of my favourite toys.

When we got off at Piccadilly we walked to the theatre. We were going to see a play called 'The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time'. It's about a child who has a mental problem and is trying to figure out who killed a friend's dog. The dog was called Wellington.

After the play we went to Auntie Rosie's house and had a big BBQ dinner. There was Magnum ice- cream for dessert.

We got a big black taxi to Paddington and caught the train to Moreton-In-Marsh. We drove back to our house in Blockley and hit the hay.

What's happening?

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