Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Some Museums and Cheesecake

27th July. Today we went to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. It didn’t have a lot of things but I liked it. One room had a giant iguana in it. They also had boa constrictors, some different types of fish, and an orange parrot that was very pretty to look at but didn’t talk.

Next we went to the Brooklyn museum which had a lot of Egyptian artefacts. An interesting thing I learned was the reason why many of the statues didn’t have noses. It was because the Egyptians believed that spirits could enter through the eyes and noses of the statues so in order to prevent this from happening they knocked off the noses. Another reason it happened was because the Christian minority who lived in Egypt defaced the statues because they belonged to a pagan religion.

We then took a ferry that went round Ellis Island so we could go look at the Statue of Liberty. We had seen it a few times before but this was the first time we had got to see it close up. I liked the boat ride because there was a nice breeze and we got some good views of the cityscape and the statue.

Afterwards we went to Juniors for dinner and had some of the best cheesecake ever. It came in very large quantities, too. My piece was as big as my own face.

When dinner was over we went home and went to bed. 

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