Saturday, June 29, 2013

Departure and Arrival

Today I got up and I was full of excitement. The reason was because it was the first day of summer holidays. Yay!

For breakfast I had pancakes with chopped bananas and maple syrup. I stayed inside for most of the day. I left for the airport around 1pm. We were flying from Vancouver to Amsterdam. For lunch I had a cheese sandwich with English muffins instead of bread. I also got a few books from my dad to read while I was on vacation.

When we got on the plane after getting through all the tiring airport security I went with my mum and got some frozen lemonade from Tim Horton's. I read some of my books before we boarded the plane.

On the plane the staff gave me a bag of toys. The plane had TV but it wasn't very good. For dinner I had beef with carrots and potatoes. It wasn't very good but of course inflight meals are never great. There was hardly any beef. There was also bread and butter and a small cake.

I tried to sleep but it was impossible because several times crying babies woke me up. When we got off the plane I was very tired.

We got our bags and then got picked up in a nice car by Auntie Els. When we got there we had a simple lunch of salami, bread, biscuits, and cheese. After lunch I did a bit more reading and then we went for a walk.

One very different thing was that a lot of people were riding bikes. Another thing was that the traffic lights are a bit like old fashioned alarm clocks. When you are waiting they tick very slowly but when it's to cross they tick very quickly.

When we got back we had dinner. For dinner we had soup for starters, salad and pasta for main, and strawberries and vanilla yogurt for dessert. After dinner I had a bath and then did some more reading. Then I went to bed.  

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