Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Cave, A Rum Factory, and A Plantation House.

The Village
Today we went out to a cave. We didn't have to drive for very long compared to some of our other sightseeing expeditions.

Once we got to the cave we boarded a sort of tram and we began to descend. We saw lots of stalagmites and stalactites. There was one really big room called The Great Hall that had a huge mountain of rock in it. There was another formation called the altar that had two shimmering white pieces of rock in a little pool of water. The two rocks looked a bit like two people standing together. I also saw a lot of holes which looked like miniature caves with their own mini stalactites and stalagmites. I also learned why the water here in Barbados tastes of minerals. Its because water is brought up from the caves for use but it's been filtered by the limestone. Also only 20% of the water in the caves is actually used, the rest flows into the sea. Another thing I learned is it takes around 300 days for one drop of water to come down from the surface and drip into the cave.

I also took a lot of really good pictures of the caves but unfortunately the camera I took them on is nearly out of power so I can't put them on this blog. Luckily my editor has been kind enough to provide some images.

Once we were done with our tour in the cave we went to find lunch. After a long time of driving we came to a restaurant where I had chicken, some rice with vegetables, and a salad.

We went to a rum factory after lunch. When I stepped inside the place where the rum was made I got a huge whiff of rum. Personally I don't think the smell of rum is very pleasant (makes even my grandmother's soup smell good) so I went quickly to look at the machinery. There were also lots of barrels that were stacked up on top of each other.

When we were done with the rum factory we went to an old plantation house. When we went into the first room we saw that there were two creepy waxwork statues. One was of a woman and the other was of a man. Both were dressed in nice clothes. The scary thing about the one of the man was that it was inside a wooden box with large glass panels, like a coffin. On the top floor there was a room filled with chipped porcelain-headed dolls. In the basement there were lots of carriages with huge wheels.

Once we got back home we all had cinnamon buns.

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